Anhalt receives AEO F certificate

Published on: 06.30.2019

We are very happy to receive the AEO F status as of Juni 30. 2019. Under customs law this is the highest possible certification level of customs. In the wake of globalization and growing international terrorism, the security of goods movements in international trade is becoming increasingly important. The AEO status certifies companies with regard to their reliability and security in international trade. Receiving the AEO-F ("Full") certificate will speed up customs clearance on both the import and export side due to reduced controls and preferential customs treatment. It will also facilitate access to further customs simplifications The approval as AEO is subject to extensive requirements. As part of the certification of Anhalt to the AEO-F among other the ability to pay, compliance with rules and regulations, reliable accounting, compliance with customs regulations and safety and quality management. Internationally, the AEO-F status is currently recognized by member states of the European Union, Switzerland, USA, Norway, Japan, Andorra and China. The AEO-F certificate combines the customs simplification of the AEO-C (Customs) as well as the safety-related component of the AEO-S (Security).