Mechatronics Technicians pass their final examination

Published on: 01.31.2020

All three of our Mechatronics Technician trainees just passed their final examination and thus finished successfully their 3 1/2-years apprenticeshipLukas-Maximilian, Pascal and Jan-Hendrik.

Jan and Pascal continue supporting the repair-shop team in Rehm-Flehde-Bargen, Lukas pursues his professional career in another company. 


Furthermore, we had the pleasure to congratulate Kim-Kristin and Tobias earlier this year: Kim-Kristin passed her exam in order to become a certified Office Management Assistant and Tobias successfully completed his vocational training as a Management Assistant for Freight Forwarding and Logistic Services

Both are now employed by Anhalt. 



We sincerely congratulate our former trainees and we wish them all a successfull career start!