All over Europe for you in transit

Anhalt unterwegs

We offer you the optimal solution for the transport of your sensitive goods:

  • Reliable, clean and safe
  • Just in time - transports
  • Satellite based transport monitoring
  • 24-hour-availability at Anhalt Logistics
  • Gentleness and competence
  • Skilled personal for hazardous goods transports
  • Specialists for waste disposal
  • Renting of container and trailers

Our vehicles are in use all over Europe and we will find a fast and flexible solution for your transport desires. Short office-"lanes" and fast reaction are our strengths. Newest technology for office and truck fleet support us by realizing your orders.

For us you are not only a customer number!


Our vehicles


Foodstuff and chemical transports


Refrigerated transports


Combined traffic

We offer international transports of the following goods: