Tradition and progress

From horse and cart to tank truck fleet.


50 years of Anhalt


The 3rd generation of the Anhalt family joins the company

With Alina Anhalt, the 3rd generation of the Anhalt family has now joined the family business. 


Takeover of the employees from the forwarding company Von Pein Transport + Logistics GmbH in Hamburg-Waltershof

With this new subsidiary close to the port and highway A7 in Hamburg-Waltershof, Anhalt can extend their business in the sea port and container logistics.


Opening a new tank cleaning facility in Duisburg

A modernization of the cleaning facility took place over a couple of months and in 2012 Anhalt was able to re open the tank cleaning facility.


40 year anniversary

40 year anniversary

In 2009 you can look back on a 40 year old history of the company.


Establishment of the subsidiary in Hamburg

The second subsidiary of Anhalt Logistics was opened in 2005 in Hamburg. The closeness to the highway was an important criterion for choosing this location in the area. Anhalt Logistics extended its services offer in the intermodal section and also purchased the first tank containers. The intermodal transports with depots in Bargen and Dusiburg were offered as a new service.


SQAS certification road and cleaning at Bargen

In this year Anhalt Logistics gained the certification according to SQAS road and SQAS cleaning at the headquarters in Bargen.


Official induction of the cleaning facility

In 2003 the tank cleaning facility was installed in Rehm-Flehe-Bargen and was inaugurated. It has an inner and outer tank cleaning lane.


Certification after DIN EN ISO 9001:2000; HACCP and GMP-07

One year later in 2002 Anhalt decided to give up the silo transports and put the main focus on transporting liquids. For the constantly growing demands from the customers, Anhalt Logistics received the certification according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2000, HACCP and GMP-07. This was the basis for qualitatively better services.


Opening a subsidiary in Duisburg

In 2001 the first subsidiary of Anhalt Logistics was opened in Duisburg. It was equipped with an office as well as a tank cleaning facility and a workshop in the so called "Rheinland area".


Moving into a new office building

After a short construction period the new office building at the headquarters in Bargen was ready for occupation. Since 2000 this building has been the main office of management and the largest part of the dispatching- and administration team and have been guiding the trucks from there.


Founding a new transport company in Poland

In 1998 the decision was made to found a subsidiary in Poland.


First tank trucks

In 1983 the first vehicles for tank transports were purchased and about one a year later the tank trailers were seen internationally on the roads. Foodstuff-, chemical- and hazardous goods transports were made throughout Europe and the former eastern bloc states. The Horst Anhalt forwarding company grew constantly and in 1997 the fleet had grown to a number of 105 trucks and trailer.


Moving to our current premises in Rehm-Flehde-Bargen

Moving to our current premises in Rehm-Flehde-Bargen


Purchase of the first silo truck and start of the specialization

The first silo truck came in 1970 to strengthen the fleet, it was a Henschel HS22.


Founding the forwarding company Horst Anhalt

In 1969 the business was transferred to Horst and Gudrun Anhalt. At that time two trucks belonged to them: A Henschel HS 11 and a Mercedes L322.  This was also the foundation year of the Horst Anhalt forwarding company. His uncle retired and Horst Anhalt carried the business under his name as planned. He took over the vehicles and the premises.


Horst Anhalt joined the business of his uncle J.A. Bödewadt

In the year 1958 the certified motor mechanic Horst Anhalt took a job as a driver in the company of his uncle Jakob. A. Boedewadt in Lunden which was founded in 1933. A Mercedes L322 was his constant companion on his long distance tours. Three years later a new L322 with short a bonnet was added. He used this truck until 1969.


August Anhalt resigns from the transport activities

August Anhalt resigns from the transport activities

In 1952 the long distance road traffic ceased.


Resumption of business

Resumption of business

After the drivers returned without their vehicles in 1945 the demand of transporting goods was enormous, but there were no vehicles to meet these requirements. August Anhalt succeeded at last in obtaining a truck tractor, a Mercedes L5000 with a canvas trailer and he also found a 28 Deutz road tractor with two trailers.


Confiscation of trucks and drivers

Confiscation of trucks and drivers

In 1939 all vehicles were confiscated, all drivers included and were obligated to the building of defense systems.


First 3,5 t Mercedes Lo3000

First 3,5 t Mercedes Lo3000

The third truck was purchased in 1935. Another Mercedes again but this time a L03750 type which weights 3,5 tons.


Second motorized Mercedes Lo3000

Only one year later in 1934, another Mercedes was purchased. This time it was a Lo3000.


First motorized Mercedes Lo2750

In 1933, the third year of his self-employment he changed from a carriage box of his cart to his first engine-driven Mercedes L02750. He mainly used it for the transports of mixed cargo, fresh meat and other different goods throughout Germany and Poland.


Founding of the company from August Anhalt

It was in 1930, when 28 year old August Anhalt, son of a landlord and fuel merchant, started his own business in his hometown Karolinenkoog as a carter.