Chemical Tank Transports – secure goes down well

Vacuumtrailer during exhaust

We know how to transport your products and therefore use the proper equipment. Top isolated tanks – from one to four compartment tank trailers – provides the optimal transport of your products even for hazardous goods. As an alternative we offer you tank containers in combined traffic – road and railroad. Our vehicles possess pumps or compressors – depending on the customer’s requirements. Beyond that we have suction vehicles available.

We know the ropes in quality and security regulations and the demands of sensitive customers and so we only make use of tank trucks and tank containers that match these regulations. ADR is not a foreign word for us but the responsible handling of hazardous goods up to hot 200 degrees. As a company with a focal point in waste disposal we have trained employees that gives you qualified information and make you the offer to take over and carry out your relevant transports.

Ad-Blue counter during mechanism re-load

We know the meaning of kosher transports and GMP rules. We look after we only use tank trailers that comply with the kosher requirements. We transport products of the feeding stuff industry in own tank trailers matching the GMP-Ordinance. For each purification we only stop at certified purification plants.

We train our disposition and drivers continuously to make them familiar with the newest regulations – especially in hazardous goods.

Customers all over Europe trust in our know-how.

Our way is future – go with us!

At a glance

Security point by point:

  • Isolated one to four compartment vehicles with capacities up to 35 m³, and Jumbos up to 56 m³
  • Autonomous heating or heatable
  • Oil free compressors / pumps and vacuum pumps
  • Gas exchange
  • Limited value sensor
  • Flushing system
  • A complete range of reducers are provided on request
  • Counter

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