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Intermodal transports


Due to many years of experience with the combined transport rail, ferry and road, we find the ideal solution for your logistic requirements! We use a pan-European combined transport network, which is continuously being expanded with new routes.


Both of our subsidiaries in Hamburg and Duisburg are important and strategical hubs with their own trucking departments. They are the backbone of the intermodal traffic. With over 250 loading units we are a reliable partner who can react fast and flexible on short term notice customer enquiries.


Our innovative Transport Management Software (TMS) supports our experienced and well educated employees with the supervision and observation of the Europe-wide traffic. Our high quality standard with the demand of a complete and transparent documentation of the transport procedures and also the product order tracing is hereby fulfilled.


Anhalt Logistics can always revert to various equipment offers from Anhalt TC Rent, who also offers long-term renting of Containers.


Customers all over Europe trust in our know-how.



At a glance
lnsulated single and multi-chamber tank container with 22 m³ - 35 m³
Modificafions on customer requests
Foodstuff transports
Chemical transports
Steam heating
Electrical heating up to 220°C
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